Plumbiferous Media


What’s Plumb­if­er­ous?

plumb­if­er­ous (plŭm-bĭf’ər-əs):

adj. Con­tain­ing lead.

n. A small music review site start­ed by a few friends who have opin­ions on music and, for some rea­son, think you should know them. They focus most­ly on alt-rock, indie, etc., mak­ing them utter­ly unique, but they’re open to oth­er gen­res! It updates twice a week (Sun­day and Thursday).

If there’s an album we’ve missed or an upcom­ing album you want us to review, or if you’d like to complain/comment/make a sug­ges­tion, you can con­tact us at

-The Plumb­if­er­ous Team